The cultural institutions in the region are of local and national importance. The Historical museum and the National archeological reserve of Kabile keep unique objects from more than 7000 settlements and gravestone mounds and 300 prehistoric sites found in the region.

   The drama theater “Nevena Kokanova” has 55 years of creative history.
   The state puppet theater “George Milev” is a host to the National puppet-theater festival “Mihail Lakatnik”, held every 4 years.



   The Ethnographic museum in Elhovo and the ethnographic collections preserve the beauty and the richness of the local way of life.
   The art gallery “George Papazov” in Yambol presents works from the most famous Bulgarian artists, the richest collection of decorative works and hundreds of unique icons.
    The choir school “Prof. George Dimitrov”, The chamber ensemble “Dianopolis” and the Ensemble for folklore songs and dances “Tundzha” have earned European fame and awards.


· Masquerade festival „Kukerlandiya”- Yambol - held through the end of February and the beginning of March
· Children's celebrations "Rodilo se prerodilo"- competition for performers of folk songs, dances, musicians, customs and traditions, held in April
· From Palm Sunday to St. George's Day - competitions for authentic custom, costume and ritual bread, held in the eve of Easter
· Traditional Folk festival “Marash pee” - Straldzha - held on May 15th
· Musical feasts - “Zlatna Diana” in May
· The festival “Yambol sings and dances” in June
· The theatrical festival “Nevena Kokanova” in June
· The international forum for artists “The singer of Tundzha” in September
· The day of Yambol, People`s assembly “Holy Trinity” - each year on "Holy Spirit"
· Children's folklore celebration "Varbova svirka sviri” - Bolyarovo, held in June
· Carol-singers and dancers festivities, held annually on December 25th in Yambol